Chateau Falfas Cotes Du Borg


In spite of climate change Bordeaux remains one of the most difficult areas to cultivate wine in the world organically. The humid growing conditions seen throughout the growing season create a symphony of mold related problems and encourage voracious insect populations. This makes chemical use about as common in Bordeaux as the word Chateau. Veronique Cochran and her husband were among the first to initiate conversion to biodynamics after arriving in Bordeaux. Veronique’s father, Francois Bouchet was a pioneering researcher and author who quite literally wrote the book on biodynamics in the Loire.

The combination of exacting work in the vineyard’s old vines and expert hands in the cellar combine to form a knockout expression of Bordeaux. Practicing gentle extraction the resulting wine is a delightful revelation of minerality, plentiful fruit and gentle tannins. The Cote Du Bourg is representative of the Right Bank, with Merlot playing first chair and Cabernet’s Franc and Sauvignon accompanying with a dash of Malbec conducting.