Clos Cibonne Tibouren

Type: Red Wine
Provence is one of only two areas in France where a classification system exists for the best and brightest estates with the other being Bordeaux. The classification remains the same as it was originally written in 1955, with only 18 estates still in operation. Easily the most famous of these estates is Clos Cibonne. Beyond their illustrious estate ranking they have made a name for themselves with their work in preserving and revising the ancestral grape of the area, called Tibouren. The grape is also known as Rossese in Italy where it’s cultivated almost exclusively in Liguria. The combination of fleurette and cask contributes a full bodied texture to the wines while preserving the emblematic aromatics and acidity of provencal wine against the rustic flavors contributed by Tibouren. These bottlings exist in a category on their own and are cherished collectors items that age beautifully.