Dezat Sancerre Rouge

by Estelle
You know Sancerre for producing spectacular, mineral driven wines from  Sauvignon Blanc but did you know that the region previously was planted almost entirely to red wines ? After Phylloxera spread through France, the few winemakers still in business turned to planting Sauvignon Blanc. A handful of producers continued the tradition however, maintaining the traditional Pinot Noir grown in the area. Most of the Pinot Noir today is used for rose production but a handful of producers still made dry reds from their Pinot Noir.
Andre Dezat makes a spectacular example at an approachable price point. Sourcing from old vines grown in limestone pebbles over the characteristic flint and chalk blend (Not unlike the best sites in Burgundy to the east) the resulting wine features a tannic punch rarely seen in Pinot. Beyond the expected minerality and red fruited character there is also a botanical, blackcurrant leaf quality that makes it wholly unique out of other iterations.