Luigi Tecce Riserva

Campania remains an insider secret in the wine world with unique, indigenous varietals that are rarely seen elsewhere. The most famous of these is Taurasi, a dense and tannic red famous for its intensity and aging potential based on the grape Aglianico. The varietal is often compared to Nebbiolo with similar intensity in youth and beauty after bottle age. The best examples grow on high elevation sites in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius, something Luigi Tecce does best on his family's estate. His bottlings serve as a love letter to his family and his dedication to tradition offers a glimpse into the simple beauty of pre industrial agriculture. The Polyphemo Riserva is sourced from a small planting of 100+ year old Aglianico vines and crafted entirely naturally with traditional methods. The result is a masterpiece bottling that will blow you away with it’s refinement and power.