Roederer 2015 Vintage Champagne

by Galaxy
Roederer is among the most recognizable Grand Marques of Champagne and has been a leader in their appellation for generations. Focusing on organic and biodynamic farming practices the house has become a leader in sustainability and quality. Their Vintage offerings are among their highest offerings, being composed of Pinot Noir as opposed to Cristal’s predominant Chardonnay cepage. The 2015 vintage is renowned for it’s quality, with the season providing consistent weather throughout the season. Warmer vintages like 2015 yield are perfect for the north facing plantings at Roederer’s first estate, La Montagne where the vintage offering was sourced from. Almost entirely Pinot Noir. the bottling offers decades of aging potential for the long term and an intense flavor profile of chalk, pear, and red fruits like raspberry and cherries.